Wildlife Killing

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We studied annual variation in reproductive activity and productivity of the Thick-billed Parrot (Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha) during a five year period (1997-2001), in five nesting areas at the...

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All but 1 of the 5 Mexican Gray Wolves released in Sonora in October of 2011 have been poisoned to death by warfarin, which is commonly used by ranchers and others to kill mammals. The wolves were...

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This horrible photo of the killing of mountain lions in the name of protecting livestock is a reminder of the gruesome nature of the business.

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Ocelot road kill near Globe, Arizona
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Macho B, Arizona's only known long-term resident Jaguar in decades, was killed by Arizona Game and Fish after being captured and radio collared. After Game and Fish realized that something was...

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Macho B After Tranquilization

Macho B being processed after capture and tranquilization.

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Macho B during capture (AZ Game and Fish)

The long-time Arizona resident jaguar nick-named Macho B in a leg snare. Notice the swollen foot, disturbed soil, and obliterated tree trunk. Macho B was in this snare for numerous hours fighting...

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Investigative Report: Macho B, January 19, 2010

This report contains information that has been redacted pursuant to 5 U.S.C. §§ 552(b)(2), (b)(6), and (b)(7)(C) of the Freedom of...

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The state fired a worker Friday for lying to federal investigators about the fact that the U.S.'s last known wild jaguar was lured to his capture and for concocting a cover-up story, officials...

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Half of this story is now being told - the intentional capture of Macho B by AZ Game and Fish. The other half of the story, which may be impossible to prove now (ironically due to Fish and...

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