Tropical Deciduous Forest

  • Tropical Deciduous Forest (TDF) - ©AZ/Sonora Desert Museum, Mark Dimmitt 1991

Tropical Deciduous Forest, commonly called TDF for short, represent the most tropical parts of our region in the warm and protected canyons and slopes of southern Sonora. Although closely related...

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The floras of the tropical vegetation in the Sky Island Sierra la Madera (SMA) near Moctezuma in northeastern Sonora (30°00’N 109°18’W) and the Yécora (YEC) area in the Sierra Madre Occidental (...

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Tropical Deciduous Forest cleared for cattle (©AZ/Sonora Desert Museum)

TDF and thorn-scrub are often cleared to make way for planting of non-native buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) for cattle forage. Calumnar cactus are often left, but do not always survive....

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