Oak Savannah

Sierra Pinito

The Sierra Pinito are a very nice range that at its upper limit has pure pine forest consisting of Arizona pine (Pinus arizonica). As with many Sky Islands logging took most old growth pine in the 40's and 50's, but in the late 2000's recovery is progressing

Interestingly there are dense forests of willow-leaf oak (Quercus viminea) in the higher oak woodland and lower pine-oak zone. This is near the northward distribution for the species, but this does not seem be poor quality habitat.

Tumacacori Highlands

The Tumacacori Highlands are an extended area of high country and rolling hills. Two primary named mountains make up most of the highlands - the Atascosa Mountains and the Pajarito Mountains. This area connects to another oak woodland zone in Sonora compoed of the Sierra Cíbuta, Sierra Guacomea, Sierra Las Avispas, and Sierra Esmeralda.

Oak Savannah

In our region oak savannah often exists in the foothills of many Sky Islands especially in the north. Many Quercus species can occupy oak savannah, but the most common species are Q. oblongifolia, Q. emoryi, and Q. chihuahuensis.


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