Mangrove Forest

  • Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest is a coastal wetland community where seawater from tidal forces flood and retreat from an area twice daily. It is defined by the mangrove tree, which dominate and are one of only a...

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Mangrove spider with red spikes
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Punto Sargento estuary and mangrove swamp, Seri Coast

The largest mangrove swamp in the northern part of Sonora. Amazingly for its size it's also the northern-most area of mangroves on the west coast of North America. There are a few small scattered...

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The "Seri Coast" is a stretch of coastline along the Gulf of California west of Hermosillo. It is the remnants of the Seri's (Com'caák) pre-Spanish territory, which stretched from Guaymas to...

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