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In our region true plains grassland is restricted a few areas, primarily in northwest Chihuahua, the bootheel of New Mexico and valleys south and west of the Huachuca Mountains, along with smaller...

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Black-tailed prairie dog
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  • Jaguar tail spotted in southeast Arizona, 2012

A hunter's trail camera snapped a photo of a jaguars tail on Sept. 23, 2012. AZ Game and Fish released the photo, but have yet to make a determination on whether it is an ocelot or jaguar. It...

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  • An Assessment of the Spatial Extent and Condition of Grasslands cover

Grasslands of central and southern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico and northern Mexico, an area known as the Apache Highlands Ecoregion, have undergone dramatic vegetation changes over the last...

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Rancho Los Fresnos is in the upper San Pedro river watershed. It has some of the nicest grasslands in all of Sonora and is actively managed by the Nature Conservancy and Naturalia. It is mostly...

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