Tropical Deciduous Forest

Tropical Deciduous Forest (TDF) - ©AZ/Sonora Desert Museum, Mark Dimmitt 1991

Tropical Deciduous Forest, commonly called TDF for short, represent the most tropical parts of our region in the warm and protected canyons and slopes of southern Sonora. Although closely related with a similart assemblage of tree species to thorn-scrub, TDF hosts more species of tropical origin. It has a more robust structure and a general rule of thumb is that trees in TDF rise above the tops of columnar cactus, while in thorn-scrub they do not.

Southern Sonora is the northern extent of this vegetation community, which survives in a zone between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the west coast of Mexico. It extends for over 500 miles to the south.

Tropical Deciduous Forest, dry season - ©AZ/Sonora Desert Museum, Mark Dimmitt
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