Sky Jacobs going horseback riding
Sky Jacobs doing small mammal trapping with a drift net
Sky Jacobs on the way to the Rio Aros
Sky Jacobs working with Pygmy-owls
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Sky Jacobs
Wildlands, birds, herps, plants, rivers, mountains
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"I like high places with pine and oak, low places with creosote, wet places with willow, and dry places with ironwood!"

Most of all I love the Wild... wild country where Nature goes about its business unhindered and without human influence. Fortunately there are still a few amazing places with this characteristic in southern Arizona and Sonora. This region is special to me for many reasons including its incredible diversity of ecosystems, geology, climate, flora, and fauna. There always seems to be another remote, little-explored area on the map!

I was born in northern California, but my family quickly moved to the southwest and built a house on land near the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico, beginning my attachment to the Southwest. A few years we homesteaded on the bottomland of Oak Creek in the Verde Valley of central Arizona, and in 1987 we finally settled in Tucson, where I now reside. My family always enjoyed wild nature. We traveled the western U.S. often, leading my father to write a book about destructing ranching on the West's public lands - Waste of the West: Public Lands Ranching.

From a young age I became infatuated by birds and started keeping a life list at around 9 years old. I'm no longer a "lister", at least on paper, but still love birds. I began producing fine art mostly of birds around the same time, but unfortunately has become only a rare hobby the past few years.

In my late teens I became interested in photography and by 2005 had taken several thousand slides. That year I reluctantly admitted the advantages of digital photography. This website is primarily a place for me to share my photography.

Sky Jacobs

AZ Uplands Sonoran Desert, SE Arizona


Some of my varied interests:

Camping, Hiking, River Rafting, Photography, Birds, Plants, Exploration, Beer Brewing, Beer Drinking, Fine Art/Drawing, Reading, Learning, Computers/Websites/Related Nerd Activities, Bicycles, Sustainable Living, Train Hopping, Traveling, Basketball, Cooking, Growing Native Plants, Fixing Stuff (Houses, Cars, Computers, etc.), Coffee.