Sideroxylon occidentale, bebelama

Sideroxylon occidentale, bebelama - foliage
Sideroxylon occidentale, bebelama - full tree
Sideroxylon occidentale, bebelama - trunk and bark


Rio Altar Valley, Sonora
30° 58' 52.7376" N, 111° 25' 41.2104" W
Planchas de Plata canyon, Sonora
31° 11' 30.0012" N, 111° 10' 5.88" W

Large shrub or tree with leaves and growth form that look similar to Lycium or Condalia, but can grow much larger. Bebelama has spine-tipped branches and acquires furrowed bark at a fairly young age. Usually not common, but widespread in Sonora in thorn-scrub and the eastern part of the Sonoran Desert, where it generally grows near washes or sheltering rocky outcrops.

This species has not been found in Arizona, but has been seen within 20 kilometers and could potentially be found in lower parts of the Tumacacori Highlands west onto the Tohono O'odham Nation.

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