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The Sierra El Tigre of northeastern Sonora is a rugged Sky Island mountain range. It covers substantial terrain – its basal area spreads out over 600 square miles. Surrounded by the Rio Bavispe...

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Articles Sierra del Tigre, manto de biodiversidad Expeditión a favor de la ciencia y la conservación Es Sierra El Tigre refugio de alacranes Largo, difícil, pero majestuoso camino Pequeños...
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This was a long trip over a short distance. A large cadre of biologists from Arizona and Sonora made the trip to enhance biological data about the mountain and region.

The trip was...

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Arbutus xalapensis leaves and bark
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Vegetation and Flora research from 1938 to 1941 in the Rio Bavispe / Sierra El Tigre region. At that time White said that the area "...certainly is one of the least known regions of the North...

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The goal in traveling to the Sierra El Tigre - one of the most extensive of the sky islands - was to complete a basic bio-geographical assessment of the area, listing species of flora and fauna...

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