List of Sky Islands linked to their content

Here is a list of Sky Islands within our region with available images and peak elevations. Click on the name to see a list of content for that Sky Island.

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Aconchi 2,194 meters
Alamo Hueco 1,877 meters
Alta 2,300 meters
Animas 2,597 meters Animas Mountains
Azul 2,450 meters Sierra Azul
Baboquivari 2,357 meters Baboquivari Mountains
Bacadéhuachi 2,380 meters Sierra Bacadehuachi
Chiricahua 2,974 meters Chiricahua Mountains, Sonora
Chivato 2,190 meters Sierra Chivato, Sonora
Cíbuta 2,005 meters Sierra Cíbuta
Cucurpe 1,750 meters Sierra Cucurpe
Dos Cabezas 2,546 meters
Dragoon 2,292 meters Dragoon Mountains
El Carmen 1,950 meters
El Humo 1,650 meters Sierra El Humo
El Tigre 2,360 meters Sierra El Tigre
Elenita 2,471 meters
Galiuro 2,336 meters Galiuros Mountains
Guacomea 1,740 meters
Huachinera (El Gato) 2,630 meters Sierra Huachinera (El Gato)
Huachuca 2,885 meters
Jucaral 1,900 meters
Juriquipa 2,180 meters Sierra Juriquipa
La Madera (Magdalena) 2,050 meters Sierra La Madera (Magdalena)
Las Avispas
Los Ajos 2,630 meters
Mariquita 2,499 meters Sierra La Mariquita
Mazatán 1,550 meters Sierra Mazatán with Brahea brandegii
Mule 1,992 meters
Oposura (La Madera) 2,360 meters Sierra Oposura (Sierra La Madera)
Patagonia 2,201 meters
Peloncillo 2,019 meters
Pinal 2,392 meters
Pinaleño 3,267 meters
Pinito 2,230 meters Sierra Pinito
Púrica 2,460 meters
Rincon 2,585 meters Rincons Mountains
San António (North) 2,210 meters
San António (South) 2,230 meters
San Jose 2,540 meters Sierra San Jose
San Juan 1,630 meters
San Luis 2,520 meters Sierra San Luis
Santa Catalina 2,791 meters
Santa Rita 2,881 meters
Santa Teresa 2,280 meters
Sierrita 1,892 meters
Tumacacori 1,957 meters
Turnbull 2,524 meters
Whetstone 2,350 meters
Winchester 2,109 meters