Fire is a dominant ecological process in almost all landscapes of La Frontera. Fire histories from throughout the region on the United States side of the border show that, before circa 1900,...

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By Garry Rogers

(First in series on Sonoran Desert invasive plants.)

Introduction to Invasive Plants in Deserts


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The Wallow Fire in mid-June of 2011 became the largest wildfire in Arizona history. Much of the forest it burned, however, was not destroyed. Much more than half enhanced forest condition. Here...

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Wildfire in the Sierra Madre of Sonora

This wildfire was likely human caused and was burning in pine and oak forest primarily in the understory.

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We just returned from Rancho Pan Duro on the spine of the Sierra Madre. It is located south of Los Ojos, 50 miles or so southeast of Agua Prieta/Douglas. Mexico doesn't have fire suppression...

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Bird survey trip by Aaron Flesch and crew. Most of the mountain range burned in a fire in 2011, but there is very little damage due to the fact this range seems to burn every few years.

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  • Analysis of fire-related Vegetation Patterns in the Huachuca Mountains, Arizona,

There is general interest among fire ecologists to integrate observed fire regimes into long term fire management. The United States-Mexico borderlands provide unique research opportunities to...

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MABA trip to the Sierra Bacadéhuachi in east-central Sonora.

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  • Fire scared pine tree in Santa Ritas

In June I trekked with a friend to the top of the Sierra El Pinito, a good-sized range just Southeast of Nogales. The Sierra El Pinito nudge their way into the pine forest community at 2230 meters...

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