Rio Yaqui

  • Confluence of Rio Tutuaca and Sirupa, begin Rio Aros

By Huck

Recently I had the opportunity to see, by raft, the country I've been tramping overland for the last couple of decades. Just getting to the put-in of our trip was a...

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The Río Yaqui river basin (RYRB) is the largest in northwest Mexico, both in terms of area and volume of flow. Water resources in the region are under increasing stress due to intensive use for...

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Pit for roasting agave hearts to make bacanora
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The Rio Yaqui drainage basin of northwestern Mexico comprises about 73,000 km of the most inaccessible and rugged terrain in western North America (Blásquez 1959). An average annual discharge of...

Type of Content: Reports, Papers, Journal Articles
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