Northern Jaguar Reserve

Guaiacum coulteri in flower
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black-capped gnatcatcher
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Lithobates tarahumarae, Tarahumara frog

Tarahumara frog

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Panorama of the country around the Rio Aros

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February 2nd and 3rd 2011 laid a heavy hand on the NJP reserve. An arctic air mass descended on southwestern North America, stretching its influence south of its typical reach. Individual species...

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Mimosa dysocarpa
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  • Burros haul the piñas or cabezas from the monte.
Off the Wagon and On the Whiskey Trail in the Sonoran Hinterlands

by Michael Huckaby


Sahuaripa sits nestled against the foothills of the...

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This trip was funded by the Northern Jaguar Project to study birds and associated habitat on the Northern Jaguar Reserve in central eastern Sonora. We used inflatable kayaks to run the river for 9...

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In early April 2011 a 2 person crew took 2 inflatable kayaks down part of the Rio Aros and Rio Yaqui to do bird surveys on parts of the Northern Jaguar Reserve and nearby areas. The reserve...

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