Bursera fagaroides flower close-up
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  • Bursera microphylla leaves

This is a more desert adapted Bursera. Most Sonoran Burseras grow in thornscrub or tropical deciduous forest where there are prolonged periods without rain, but there is always a reliable growing...

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  • Bursera lancifolia leaf

A thorn-scrub and TDF species similar to Bursera fagaroides, but seems to be slightly more sensitive to frost and/or dry conditions. This species has longer lanceolate leaves with teeth along the...

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  • Bursera laxiflora leaves

In our region Bursera laxiflora is a thorn-scrub species and commonly grows in more exposed parts of this plant community. In Sonora it often has a less ascending and more shrub-like stature than...

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