Liberty Cove mega-development

From the Liberty Cove website:

"The approvals included 60,000 dwelling units including single family homes, ranches, condominiums and multi-unit complexes. In addition, the overall Master Plan includes resort hotels, retail/commercial centers, golf courses, Formula One style race track, marinas and a San Antonio-styled Riverwalk.The Phase I Development Plan commences with 1000 condominiums, an 18 hole golf course, a Beach Club, a pier, a 50,000 square foot medical facility and additional commercial and retail."

This planned mega-development on the Sonoran coastline, which I wrote about many years ago, is finally getting some attention. The Tucson Weekly had a cover story on how the plan turned into a fiasco with everyone suing each other. Part fraud, part
ineptitude, this project was a pipe dream from the beginning.

The idea was to build an enormous development on beautiful, virgin coastline in the Sonoran desert near Puerto Libertad, Sonora. This area
is the middle of nowhere. If a potential client tried to actually see the place, they would likely get lost several times, feel like they might encounter cartel leaders, and decide they should play it safe and stay in Iowa.

The development would blade beautiful and untouched Sonoran Gulf Coast desert. It would have been one
of the most destructive projects for Sonoran wildlands ever conceived.

This new article by the Tucson Weekly is very good detailed account from a business perspective, but completely neglects to mention environmental issues.



The power Plant destroyed the water table,pollutes the area so bad the ejido can no longer grow crops or harvest the possibility of NG conversion is sort of good I guess.The writer is a ex middleman..low level... In the Liberty Cove project.Why is he writing this now? I think the extraction industry guys want the land that idiot pipe dream was supposed to be built on..... This thing is like Chinatown